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Business Insurance

from Bania Insurance Agency

Minneapolis Business Insurance

Businesses and non-profit organizations need insurance to protect assets, employees, directors and board members without putting undue stress on the corporate bank account. As an independent insurance agency located in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Bania Insurance Agency understands and appreciates the concerns of business owners and non-profit organizations. That’s why we take pride in offering corporate insurance policies that are customized to meet specific industry requirements.

Custom Business Insurance

We insure businesses of many types, and because of this, we are experienced in customizing policies to fit specific corporate situations. We would never write the same policy for a fine dining restaurant as we would write for a counseling service, and we understand that general contractors have very different needs from local retailers. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your company. Then we’ll write a customized policy based on an assessment of your business needs and industry risks.

Available Business Policie

We have a complete menu of commercial insurance options, all of which are customizable to meet client needs. These include

  • General liability insurance to protect your basic business activities
  • Professional liability and other specialized or industry-specific liability coverage to protect your business against lawsuits and other damages
  • Commercial property insurance to cover your building, business property, inventory and equipment
  • Commercial auto insurance to insure owned, hired and non-owned vehicles used for company purposes
  • Commercial umbrella policies to extend coverage limits and further protect corporate assets
  • Workers compensation insurance to help businesses comply with state law and keep employees safe and comfortable
  • Surety bonds to protect you when working with other companies and professionals

Free online business insurance quotes are available any time. To learn more or ask questions about our business policies, call our office during regular business hours. We look forward to protecting your business so you can focus on running your company.